How to Easily Display a Site’s Groups, Users, and Permissions

December 12, 2010 by
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I was recently asked to establish the SharePoint site structure for a fairly large organization. I concluded that, based on the customer’s needs, they would require a single site collection and 17 sub-sites, each with its own unique permissions. As this organization was new to SharePoint, I was concerned that each site might encounter permissions related issues, and quickly identifying the problem could be problematic. So, I created a web part that displays the groups, users, and permissions for each site, and the lists associated with that site.I can pop this web part into the home page of any site and set its audience to me, or a capable site owner. This saves a ton of time from having to open People and Groups and clicking each group one at a time to see which users have permissions within that group. I hope someone finds this useful.


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